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Step into my corner of artistic exploration, where a blend of various mediums seeks to evoke emotions and connections. This is a place where colors, words, and ideas gently intersect, inviting you to join in the delicate dance of creativity. With gratitude, I share the woven tapestry of my thoughts, incorporating painting, prose, music, and more. Your clicks here guide you through a digital gallery of experimentation and evolution. Together, let's embark on a journey where even the simplest strokes of brush and keyboard may, perhaps, craft something meaningful to the senses.

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"I refuse to be a bird in a cage,


Slowly melting in the middle of a page."


Inter(Multi)disciplinary Artist/Movement, Time, Space...


ImproViE is short for "improvisation" + "life", which = intuitive creation and raw expression.

It is a platform where the different mediums in art meet and converse, where you never stop questioning and doing. A place where there are willingly no boundaries to explore, make mistakes, learn, and grow.

Art is a moment in time, a reflection of time.

Our goal is to shed light on the process, as much as a result, to bring forward our emotional "life" as it is today compared to yesterday and tomorrow.  

"ImproVie" is the temporary final result of a combination of art-making techniques that are used as tools to reinvent the new instead of attempting to reproduce the past with the constant need to reach the illusion of perfection, which is unfortunately still deeply rooted in our societies.


"The free, untamed expression and exploration of the Self-bound to no specific time nor place."

#DaretoCREATE #DaretoSUPPORT #DaretoLIVE

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Currently in Montreal, Qc, Canada  |  Tel: 438-***-****

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