J̈osepha Dumas was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She has obtained her french nationality from her grandmother and has later lived in the United States, Germany, and Tiohtiá:ke, Kanata, Kebec, where she is currently based. Dumas completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting and Drawing (with a minor in Film Studies) in 2018 at Concordia University, Tiohtiá:ke, Kanada, Kebec.

She considers herself an inter(multi)disciplinary artist who has built up a significant body of work from the intensive exploration and research of various mediums such as drawing, painting, photography, experimental film, music, and performance art. Her work is a subtle reflection of the mystical combination of parallel worlds, the traces of migration, immigration, and the Haitian Diaspora, the weight and questions of mixed-race identity, the feeling of movement and time, and the journey.

She has completed various personal series and is currently working towards more of a historical research-based body of work, ready to dive deeply into her country’s history, the lingering weight of colonization, slavery, and the ongoing social and racial injustices still present today. 

jojo_dumas (visual arts), impro.vie (experimental film), and (music)



Josepha Dumas is a Haitian interdisciplinary artist, though she mainly focuses on drawing and paintings. She was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and also obtained the french nationality from her grandparents. From Middle School to High School she was in a French and American program. Thus, she also completed her French baccalaureat, specialisation in Literature while obtaining her GED.  In 2012, one of her short stories was published in Sessions Magazine, Canada. After High School, Dumas was accepted to Pratt Institute, SCAD (Hong Kong), and School of the Museum of Fine Arts (affiliated with TUFTS university) with a small scholarship. Due to financial issues, Dumas could not attend any of them.

She later moved to Germany for a year before moving to Montreal,Canada in order to pursue her BFA. Throughout her five years of university, she volunteered annually for CFF and RIDM. Dumas obtained her Bachelor's of Fine Arts as an international student at Concordia University in June, 2018; majoring in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Film Studies. In 2016, she documented one of Imago Theater’s performances (ARTISTA), and did a book cover for “Retour sur Les Communications” in Haiti. She also participated in a group exhibition and showed a performative video piece titled “Presence in Space: L'Éphémère” at Eastern Block/Interfold Magazine. During her last year at Concordia University (2018), Dumas was one of the few students nominated for the Lise-Hélène Larin Scholarship and Cecil Buller - John J. A. Murphy Scholarship in Drawing. In the same year, she collaborated with ONaturelOils, a rising natural beauty product company, as a photographer and editor and also did book covers for Collections Monographies of six Haitian writers. In the past, Dumas has worked as an artist assistant for a Ceramic studio (Pascale Girardin) while working in various employments.  In the beginning of 2019, Dumas started working as a drawing artist assistant at Studio Pm/Dorset Fine Arts, which is a printmaking studio that focuses on exposing more Inuit and indigenous artists, but not limited to. In May, Dumas participated in a group organized art show “All Around The World'' located at college Brebeuf where she presented three of her works and in August she was hired to document for a QTBIPOC showcase In Spirit(ed) hosted by Project 10, Montreal Qc. Dumas has been a member at SKOL and Articule gallery , Montreal Qc since 2019, where she has volunteered in the past.

At the beginning of 2020, in the month of March, she attended Paul Nadeau and Sean Wilson’s first solo/group show titled Locating the Quixotic Tourists as a guest performer amongst others. She performed an excerpt of a drunk short-story poetry book she has written in 2018, “An Island Full of Ghosts”. During the same month, prior to Covid 19 unfortunate lockdown, with Studio PM she hosted a free printmaking workshop at Chez Doris, a homeless women shelter located downtown Montreal in hope of making it recurring in the future. However, due to the impact of Covid 19 they were unable to continue the successful workshop. Throughout the summer, she safely hosted, organized, curated, collaborative art creation and exhibition days (8 in total), while respecting and maintaining the 2-meter-social- distancing rule, in various parks around Montreal as a member of Art ici who obtained the Jeunes Volontaires grant this year. In 2021, Art Ici (now named "En corps") has won a grant from the leCALQ and they art very grateful! 

Traveling and having to move from place to place since she was young has challenged her perspective and made her constantly question her identity and redefine her personal definition of “Home”. Thus, today her paintings and drawings are about presenting through her dreamy landscapes bits and pieces of her past memories, her present dreams and reality, and her ideal expectations, perhaps utopian view of our world and what it can become in the near future. It’s important for her to use tools that can’t be easily manipulated or erased once put down as a metaphor for Life and in order to emphasize that mistakes are as important as obtaining “temporary” and “subjective” perfections. Her goal is to challenge the viewer’s perspective, and for herself to pursue how the idea of “time”, “parallel intertwined societies”, and “movement” can be better emotionally represented. She does apply the figure into her landscapes, but rarely since to her, Humans are constantly moving and passing while Nature is always there, also shifting and changing but at a regular pace. This might be tied to her constant feeling of the search of a lost “home”. Since 2018, Dumas has been and is still currently working on her music album that will be released close to the end of 2022. More importantly, on many different drawing/painting series which are exploring the meaning and the use of different perceptions, the idea of intimacy, social and political injustice, the open door to parallel realities due to technology, the effect and aftershock of the past on the present, and the limitless ways one can choose to represent something or someone. She’s also working on various book covers for the same author she previously worked for, with ONaturelOils and on her personal experimental short documentations/films. In 2019, Josepha Dumas has applied for her permanent residence here in Quebec, Canada with hope to later obtain her canadian citizenship. Her current goal is to work more efficiently towards, perhaps, her first solo show and to apply more for possible art residencies and grants around the world. She is managing three different instagram accounts: Jojo_dumas which is mainly her personal and painting/drawing page. impro.vie (Art improvisé, Youtube) which is her experimental film and cinematographic photography page. Finally, (Mme. Blue, Youtube), which is her musician's name and music page.  If everything goes well, if life permits it, Dumas plans on applying for her masters degree in interdisciplinary art, but not limited to, in less than five years. Josepha Dumas is all about doing, making, exploring, questioning, collaborating, and challenging the visual use, role, and application of Media. Dumas considers herself a woman entangled, but not stuck, between the past, the present, and the future.




2018-2013         Bachelor in Painting and Drawing with a                                                  Minor in Film Studies -     

                          Concordia University, Montreal, Qc


2013                  German Language classes

                          Volkshochschule Regionalverband

                          Schlossplatz, Saarbrücken, Germany


2012-2008       Baccalauréat littéraire/American Program

                         International Studies Charter High School, 

                         Miami, Fl, United States

2008-2005      French/American Program

                        Ponce de Leon Middle School

                        Miami,Fl United States


Art Jobs

2021                Printmaking Artist Assistant

                           Le Studio P.M INC, Paul Machnik, 8440

                           Blvd St. Laurent,

                           Montreal Qc

2020                Videographer, Social Media Manager,

                        Photographer, installer, organiser, curator 

                        “Le Grand Festin” & 7 other    events, in

                         collaboration with Art Ici (@artici.mtl),

                        Jeunes Volontaires Grant 

                         Montreal Qc - (May- Sept 2020)  

2019                 Videographer, “In Spirit(ed)”, in

                         collaboration with Project 10, 

                         Montreal Qc - (August 22 2019)  


                           Printmaking Artist Assistant

                           Le Studio P.M INC, Paul Machnik, 8440

                           Blvd St. Laurent,

                           Montreal Qc


2018                   Artist assistant/helper

                           Pascale Girardin Ceramic Studio, 2050 

                           Dandurand, suite 306,   

                           Montreal, Qc



                           O Naturel Oils, Montreal Qc


2016                  Filmmaker/Editor

                          Imago Theater.

                         "She Said"

                         ARTISTA. Montreal, Qc


Exhibition work




2090                 ... 





2019                ”All Over The World”, group show,

                         College Brebeuf,

                         Montreal Qc - (May 26 2019)


2017                Issue 11: Launch. Interfold Magazine. 

                        Presence in Space and L' Éphémère , video


                         Eastern Block, Montreal, Qc


Performance Art/Show

2021                   Buscando Memoria 

                           Video, 2:21m, 

                           Performance codirected with Mauricio Ariztisabal and                             along side Moviemiento Por La Vida, Mafapo,                                           Colombia 


                           Directed, Produced, Edited, Composed by

                           improVIE - 

                           Montreal, Qc

2020                Le dessin et contemporain, au-delà du réel 

                        de Réjeanne Lamothe, Documentary, 30min.

                        Artists participating:

                        Paul Béliveau, 

                        Julie Bellavance, 

                        André Du Bois, 

                        Fanny H-Lévy, 

                        Micheline Fournier, 

                        Francois Morelli, 

                        Suzette Patry

                        Quebec, Canada

                        Featured in-class, Drawing from Sites and


                        Performance I did with Francois Morelli


                        Montreal, Qc, Canada


                        Locating the Quixotic Tourist

                        (March 6th 2020)

                         Paintings by Paul Nadeau and Sean Wilson

                         Solo/Group show. Performance by me:

                        "An Island full of Ghosts"

                        2010 Rue Cartier, Montreal Qc, Canada

2020-2019       Laideur “Ugly”

                        Satirical Self Portrait

                        Video by improVIE

                        Montreal, Qc


2019                Show And Tell: A Night Of Performances, 

                         Props, and Anything Else

                         Hosted and directed by Penina Simon. Co-

                         directed by Alo Azimov


                        “Voyage”, excerpt of a Drunk-Short-Story-

                          Poetry-Book, song/poem

                         Mainline Theater, Montreal Qc.


                          SPEAK B(L)ACK - A Black History Month

                          Spoken Word Show

                          Hosted by Shanice Nicole and Kama La

                          Mackerel, McGill University.

                         “BlackOut: Sou Wout Mwen” poem

2018                 Where are you from? Where is home now?

                         Video, 12:22m, by improVIE 

                         Montreal, Qc


2017-19            Ringlets of the Beloved (Marziyeh)

Ongoing          Video Portrait Series, 

                          By Marjan Ansari

                          Performed brushing my afro;

                          Showcasing the struggle of maintaining 

                          my hair type.

                          Montreal, Qc

Experimental Film

2021                   Buscando Memoria 

                           Video, 2:21m, 

                           Performance codirected with Mauricio Ariztisabal and                             along side Moviemiento Por La Vida, Mafapo,                                           Colombia 


                           Directed, Produced, Edited, Composed by

                           improVIE - 

                           Montreal, Qc

2020                   Balançoire | Piano Solo 

                           Video, 11:47m, created and edited on my

                           phone/ instagram/ apps,

                           Exploring with giphy, personal drawings

                           and videos, and "aggressive" piano melody

                           Directed, Produced, Edited, Composed by

                           improVIE - 

                           Montreal, Qc


                           Video, 5:20m, (2017- ongoing)

                            My naive attempt at combining dance and


                           About mobily, movement, space, reflex, and



2020-2019          Laideur “Ugly”

                           Video, 10:47m, Satirical Historical Self


                           Montreal, Qc


2018                   Where are you from? Where is home now?

                           Video, 12:22m

                           Montreal, Qc


2016                   Presence in Space and L' Éphémère ,

                           video performance, 4:21

                           A continuation of an in-class performance I did

                           Montreal, Qc




2019                 “Six Portraits”, Six book covers, Collections

                          Monographies; Best of 

                          Anthony Phelps, Yanick Lahens: De

                          l’Occupation Américaine au parti 

                          des Démunis, Kettly Mars et ses Bredjenn,

                         Syto Cavé ou l’âme soeur, 

                          Un peu de tout sur l’oeuvre de Lyonel

                          Trouillot, and La douce et 

                          marginale Margaret Papillon   

                          by Pierre Raymond Dumas,   

                          Port-au-Prince, Haiti 


2016                 “Les Ondes” (2014), Book Cover, Retour sur

                          les Communications en   

                          Haïti. Pierre Raymond Dumas, Petion-Ville,

                         Port-au-Prince, Haiti


                          “Presence in Space”, Interfold Magazine,

                           Montreal, Qc, Canada


2012                  “The Woman With Her Hair Of 

                            Fire”, Sessions Magazine, 


                           British Columbia, Canada.


Professional Affiliations

2021-2016         Art ICI : named changed to  En Corps  this year.

                          A rising activist public art collective, Montreal, Qc

2020-2016          Art ICI aka Ceci N’est Pas Art Ici 

                           (Public Social Conscious Activist and

                           Collaborative Art Initiative)

                           The start of a movement. 


                           Montreal, Qc but not limited to.


2020-2018         Member at Skol Gallery, Montreal, Qc,


                                        Articule Gallery, Montreal, Qc,




2021                  Le CALQ grant  - Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du 

                         Quebec was given to  En Corps, which I'm part of.


2018                   Lise-Hélène Larin Scholarship and Cecil

                          Buller - John J. A.   

                          Murphy Scholarship in Drawing.

                          Nominated by Leopold Plotek.


2012                  Accepted with scholarships

                          (did not attend

                          due to financial issues)

                          -School of Museum of Fine Arts, affiliated

                          with Tufts University 

                          (Boston, Massachusetts, United States) 

                          -Pratt Institute (NY, United States)

                          -SCAD Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 




20**- 2020         upcoming?