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J̈osepha Dumas is a Haitian-French multidisciplinary artist. She was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. and obtained her french nationality from her grandmother.  She has later lived in the United States, Germany, and Canada, where she is currently based. Dumas completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting and Drawing (with a minor in Film Studies) in 2018 at Concordia University, Montreal, Tiohtiá:ke, Kanada, Kebec.

She considers herself an inter(multi)disciplinary artist who has built up a significant body of work from the intensive exploration and research of various mediums such as drawing, painting, photography, experimental film, music, and performance art. Her work is a subtle reflection of the mystical combination of parallel worlds, the traces of migration, and immigration, the weight and questions of mixed-race identity, the feeling of movement and time, and the journey. She explores the idea of scattered landscapes as a unified reflection of our identity as she moves and grows within the Haitian Diaspora.  

Dumas has participated in different group shows around Montreal, Madrid, and South Korea. She is part of one upcoming show at CICA Museum (March and April 2023). Her work has been published as book covers (portraits of Haitian writers) on six monographs written by Pierre Raymond Dumas in 2022. 

Josepha Dumas's work has been recently reviewed by Le Nouvelliste, Sybelle Ayiti, and Media Ayiti in Haiti.

She has completed various personal series and is currently working towards more of a historical research-based body of work, ready to dive deeply into her country’s history, the lingering weight of colonization, slavery, and the ongoing social and racial injustices still present today. 

jojo_dumas (visual arts), impro.vie (experimental film), and (music)

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