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J̈osepha Dumas (b. Port-au-Prince, Haiti) is a multidisciplinary artist who has lived in Tiohtià:ke tsi ionhwéntsare (Montréal, Québec) since 2013. In 2018, she completed her Fine Arts bachelor's degree at Concordia University, majoring in painting and drawing while minoring in film studies. 
Having spent her early years in Haiti until age 11, Josepha has lived in the US, Germany, and
She embarks on a continuous exploration of mediums that stretch beyond boundaries. Her creative journey centers around themes of displacement, identity, immigration, decolonization, and the intricate interplay of space and time within the context of the Haitian diaspora. Through her artistic endeavors, Josepha Dumas aims to capture the intricate stories of those who have been uprooted from their homes, seeking to redefine themselves in unfamiliar
territories. With each stroke, sculpture, or installation, she attempts to untangle the threads that
link individuals to history, revealing the complex tapestry of emotions and experiences that
define the diasporic experience. Navigating between various forms of expression like drawing, painting, performance, sound, music, film, and digital art, she strives to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, mirroring the resilience and adaptability inherent in her heritage. The canvas provides a platform where time collapses, enabling her to reflect on the past, deconstruct the present, and reimagine the future. Through this artistic lens, she aims to challenge norms, spark contemplation, and cultivate empathy, fostering a dialogue that transcends geographical boundaries.
J̈osepha Dumas's art stands as a testament to the potency of aesthetics in shedding light on the struggles and victories of the Haitian diaspora. It illuminates a path toward decolonization, self-discovery, and the intricate intricacies of human connection across different times and spaces.

She has exhibited in group shows across Montreal, Spain, and South Korea,
including the CiCa Museum in South Korea (2023-22), virtual Capital Culture House in Madrid
(2023), and Montreal's College Brebeuf (2019). Haitian magazines reviewed her work in
2022-23 (Sibelle Haiti, IMedia Ayiti, Le National, Le Nouvelliste). She illustrated book covers for
Pierre Raymond Dumas, with more in progress. She was interviewed in Montreal's COM1 N°6
magazine (2023), featured on Artinsquare's website (2023), and has been recently selected to
be part of Renowned Magazine (2023-2024).
Josepha participated in the Vil Pam Original de MascAyiti competition (Port-au-Prince, Haiti),
delivering an online artist talk in 2023. She's performed as a musician (Mme. Blue), performer,
and guest artist in Montreal since 2018. Her portfolio also features numerous experimental
videos over the years.

jojo_dumas (visual arts), impro. vie (experimental film), and mme. blue (music)

Josepha Dumas CV 2023 Education SEPTEMBER 2013 - JUNE 2018 Concordia University, Montreal, Qc - Bachelor in Fine Arts Majoring in Painting and Drawings with a minor in Film Studies. WORK EXPERIENCE September 23rd - December 9th 2023 -Art teacher at the Centre des arts visuels, contract job, Montréal, QC, Canada. June 19th-August 18th 2023 -Art monitrice for summer camp, Centre des arts visuels, contract job, Montreal, QC, Canada. March- June 2023 -Artist assistant, Centre des arts visuels, contract job, Montreal, QC, Canada. March 2019- December 2021 -Co-creator, co-creator, and artist for ArtIci, an art collective that made art accessible in public places such as parks throughout Montreal QC, Canada. I'm no longer a part of it due to personal reasons. February 2019- June 2021 -Printmaking artist assistant, contract job, Le Studio P.M INC, Paul Machnik, Montreal Qc. August 22nd 2019 -Videographer, Editor, Producer, and Director for In SPirit(ed), hosted by project 10, contract job, Centre Culturel Georges Vanier, Montreal Qc. July 2018- March 2020 -Photographer and Editor, freelance, ONaturelOils, Montreal, Qc. July- August 2018 -Ceramic artist Assistant, contract job, Pascale Girardin Ceramic Studio, Montreal Qc April 30th- June 2016 -Filmmaker and editor, contract job, Imago Theatre ARTISTA, Montreal, Qc, Canada. Group Shows/Performance Art 2023 Live performance of my second single "Come On" under my alias Mme.Blue at La Shop for AKT ii 1st edition. July 2023. Montreal, QC, Canada. "Masked", March 15th to April 2nd, 2023, CICA Museum, South Korea. 2022 "Portraits 2023", December 28th to January 15th 2023, CICA Museum, South Korea. Wonder Exhibition, Capital Culture House. Virtual. Madrid, Spain. 2022-2019 En Corps/Art Ici - Art collective, Montreal, Qc Minimum 3 events/art shows every year throughout various parks and communities in Montreal. 2021 Locating The Quixotic Tourist, painting by Paul Nadeau and Sean Wilson. Performed An Island Full of Ghosts. 2010 rue Cartier Montreal, Qc Le Dessin et Contemporain au-delà du réel de Réjeanne Lamothe, Documentary, 30min. Performance. Montreal,Qc 2020 Buscando Memoría, 5 min video. Performance art, 2 hours. Collaboration with Mauricio Aristizabal, in protest with Colombia, Movimiento Por La Vida. 2019 Show and Tell: A Night Of Performance, Props, and Anything Else. Hosted and directed Penina Simon. Co-director by Alo Azimov. Performed Voyage, excerpt of a Drunk-Short-Story-Poetry-Book/song/poem. Mainline Theater, Montreal, QC. All Over The World, Visual Arts, College Brebeuf, Montreal, QC Grants/Nominations/Awards 2022 Finalist Award from Art Show International Gallery for the "5th landscapes competition" Honorable mention for Dance and Movement open call by Artrepeneur. 2021 CALQ grant for En Corps/Art Ici. An art collective I co-created and I was a part of since 2018 until 2021. Events/Public Art 2022-2019 En Corps/Art Ici - Art collective, Montreal, Qc Minimum 3 events/art shows every year throughout various parks and communities in Montreal. Temporary installations. 2021 Buscando Memoría, 5 min video. Performance art, 2 hours. Collaboration with Mauricio Aristizabal, in protest with Colombia, Movimiento Por La Vida. Temporary installations/performances. Workshops/Presentation 2023 "Le Dessin à travers la narration et l'improvisation", Presentation for Mascayiti, Vil Pam Orijinal Concours, online, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, March 11 2023. 2020 Volunteered Printmaking - etching and monotype- Workshop for Inuit, Indigenous women, but not limited to Chez Doris (a shelter for homeless women) Managed to do 3 to 5 workshops March 2020 before the Covid19 lockdown. 1430 rue Chomedey, Montreal, Qc Affiliations/ Judge 2023 Judge for Concours Vil Pam Orijinal de Masayiti, group 7-12 ans, online, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 2021-2019 ● En Corps/Art Ici - Art collective, Montreal, Qc ● Member at Skol Gallery, Montreal QC Bibliographie/Publications 2023-24 •Some of my artworks have been selected to be featured in Renowned Magazine's next edition. The magazine will be split into four volumes and will be printed starting mid-December 2023 •Three page interview "Josepha Dumas - L'art de dépeindre l'identité, l'immigration, la (dé)colonisation...." about my work featured in COM1 Magazine N°6 for the international day of women. Written by Jean Bart-Souka March 2023. Montreal, QC.b(Pg. 14-16) 2022 •One of my art is in 7500 copies of Concordia University's 2022-23 agenda. Student Union. "On The Edge Tilting vers La Lune" •“Six Portraits”, Six book covers, Collections Monographies by Pierre Raymond Dumas Press Files/Reviews 2023 ● COM1 N°6 By Jean-Bart Souka (Montreal) 2022 ● Sibelle Haiti by Lord Edwin Byron | IMedia Ayiti by Rosny Ladouceur ● Le Nouvelliste by Marc Sony Ricot | Le National by Schultz Laurent Junior

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