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Imaginary Paysages


(2019/2017- ongoing)

Multiple series of dreamy landscapes representing parallel worlds between Haiti and Montreal and beyond.

Every work I create derives directly from impulsive action, straight from my imagination.

As I make a line, I start to think about what I want to say and where I want to go, and that is what influences my next line. I enjoy exploring, playing with perspective, and pushing the boundaries between what is there and what isn't? Why?

Mixed media: sharpies, markers, oil pastel, and pen on paper.

Sans Tire: Not Everybody Mange
On The Road de Ses rêves
L'Hiver Waits For L'Été
Sans Titre: Deux Pays Portrait
Il y a longtemps, Dehors
Day Dreaming
Sans Titre: The Mountain
Sans Titre: Roses ne sont pas Rouges
Sans Titre
Sans Titre: Moon Froide Portrait
The Final Voyage
Deux Pays and Graffiti
Winter is Coming
Sans Titre: Portrait
Honey, Amuse-toi, 2018
Marie-Reine du Monde facing Traces of Haiti
Sans Titre: Bain Dehors a Place des Arts
Mirage et Eau
Nuit Camping
Le Regard On a Box
Sans Titre
Sans Titre
Pause Clope
Sans Titre: Rain Rose
Sans Titre
Sans Titre: The Fruit
Sans Titre: Work
Ode to an Artist
Ode to a Writer
Ode to a Dancer
Somewhere, Nul Part
In Between Spheres
Night Folies
A Memory d'Ayiti
Sans Titre: Waterfall
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