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Between Haiti & Montreal

This is a series of landscape drawings/paintings between Haiti and Montreal.  

The work is done from 2020 to 2022.

Titled: The Loose Knots Between Space and Time (2022)

Marker, colored pencil, oil pastel, and oil sticks on wood. 36"x60"in.

Detail #1

Detail #2

Detail #3

Detail #4

Detail #5

Detail #6

Titled: Up, Up, Up, You Can See Beyond - Even To The Most Hidden Places That Seem To Be Out Of Reach (2022)

Acrylic paint, and oil pastel on wood. 36"x60"in.

Detail #1

Detail #2

Titled: Deep Into The Heart Of The Ocean - Where You Can Get Lost and Found, Once Again (2022)

Acrylic paint on canvas. 16"x20"in.

Titled: Lune de Miel (2022)

Pencil on paper. 8"x10"in.

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