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Series Ayiti 


This series focuses on my hometown "Ayiti", where I hadn't been in six years.

It's a reflection of how it is now, mixed with my memories, and how I hope it one day can become. of dreamy landscapes representing parallel worlds between Haiti and Montreal and beyond.

Every work I create derives directly from impulsive action, straight from my imagination.

As I make a line, I start to think about what I want to say and where I want to go, and that is what influences my next line. I enjoy exploring, playing with perspective, and pushing the boundaries between what is there and what isn't? Why?

Mixed media: sharpies, markers, and pen on paper. 

Natif Natal
Sou Wout Mwen (On My Way)
Kite Peyim Mache (Let My Country Walk, Move, Function, Grow)
La Citadelle
Naiim near The Sea
Voodoo Night
Le Peuple
La Mer under The Moonlight
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