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Blue Reminds Me Of You (2023)

Blue Reminds Me Of You is my debut experimental album with a total of 14 tracks.

The album is inspired by the journey of life and explores themes of love, loss, joy, grief, death, memories, dreams, time, space, silence, movement, the cycle of life, the concept of ending and beginning... It is a birthday present to myself and also an abstract ode to a dear friend of mine who I met while eating a burger some time ago, when I slowly started to immerse myself in music... I've been working on music for the last five years, learning how to produce, mix and master. This album is made up of recycled old tracks and completely new ones and moves through different genres. It was released on November 28th at midnight to end my birthday (November 27th).

I did everything on this album, from cover art to lyric writing, composing, producing, mixing and mastering.

A special thanks to my friend Cat for lending me her microphone and to Jules (Super Plage) for giving me advice, criticism and tips on how to produce and master the songs for years now.

Thank you all for your support!

I miss you cover

I miss you song cover (2023)

Blue Reminds Me Of You cover

Blue Reminds Me Of You song cover (2023)

I loved you cover

I loved you song cover (2023)

Starlit eyes cover

Starlit eyes song cover (2023)

Kissed by Sunsets Cover

Kissed by Sunsets song cover (2023)

It's okay to be sorry cover

It's okay to be sorry song cover (2023)

Where the water is cover

Where the water is song cover (2023)

Roses and Lilies Cover

Roses and Lilies song. cover (2023)

Watermelons cover

Watermelons song cover (2023)

Echoes of hearts cover

Echoes of hearts song cover (2023)

If Only cover

If Only song cover (2023)

Warm touch cover

Warm touch song cover (2023)

Edge of your dreams cover

Edge of your dreams song cover (2023)

Lavender Fields cover

Lavender Fields song cover (2023)

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