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Dessin et Paintings

My passion for drawing ignited at the age of 11 when I began to grasp the transformative power of lines on paper, realizing they could coalesce into intricate compositions. Initially drawn to portraiture, I found it to be a means of capturing the essence of individuals, a reflection of their souls.
While I harbored dreams of venturing into landscapes, I believed it was beyond my reach amidst the journey of learning and self-enrichment. The transition to Montreal for university brought both challenges and solitude, but it also rekindled my deep connection with drawing, making it the paramount love of my life.
Through my drawings, I discovered a realm where reality and fantasy coalesce, allowing me to
craft a better world through my artistic lens and unite diverse cultures and countries within a
single image. I was particularly drawn to using unforgiving tools like markers, as they mirrored
life's irreversible moments. Much like life, what's done is done, and we must focus on the next
step, the next line on the canvas.
My drawing portfolio spans from 2016 to the present day, with landscapes taking center stage
as a reflection of our collective identity, reaching beyond borders and connecting distant
On the contrary, painting has captivated me with its challenges and uncharted realms. When I
paint, I find myself working on a grander scale, utilizing my entire body's motion to craft intricate pieces on canvas or wood. Painting has grown to be second nature, serving as a versatile tool to enrich my artistic journey and produce unique marks distinct from my drawing habits. While my primary focus remains on landscapes, I've embraced abstraction as a significant part of my practice. It's akin to a boundless playground where every line and color can transport me to diverse realms and evoke various moods.

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