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Dessin et Paintings

“Accumulations of lines give the illusion of an entity,” as a Haitian-French interdisciplinary artist my goal is to combine parallel realities that I have lived and experienced in the past until today and present them as a mystical whole. Through my life struggles, obstacles, and chances I have learned so far that everything lived is intertwined, that one cause of events leads to the next, and though we can be in control of our lives, some aspects of it remain out of our control.

Most of us don't like losing control. However, I have learned that it is not always a negative thing. The not-knowing can offer more freedom than one would think as it leaves space and time to grow, change, heal, rebuild; deconstruction, construction as much as reconstruction. 

Moreover, I have noticed that without the details, the “bigger picture” cannot be revealed or perceived as a whole. My approach to any medium has always been about working with my mistakes and better knowing how to use them to my advantage as I build up my work. I rarely use tools or mediums that can be erased; every mark I make remains permanent while the action itself is perceived as ephemeral. My intentions are to push my imagination, reality, and aspirations to the best of my possibilities by constantly exploring personal, historical, and political research about my mixed identity as a woman who has been traveling through foreign landscapes more than her own.

My work focuses on the weight of migration, immigration, colonization, and language dragged along different places and traces my own fleeting footsteps within the Haitian diaspora.

The most important questions for me today is:

“Who are we, if not the enslaved as much as the one colonizing?”

"Who were we? Who are we?" and "Who do we want to become?"

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