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Art ici (2019-2021)

This is a series of photographs and videos taken by me during several Art ici events.

Art ici was an art collective that I was a part of from its inception until 2021, when I left for personal and collective reasons. The goal of Art ici was to challenge the norms of the gallery by taking art to different parks in Tiohtià:/Montreal, Qc, Canada. We would organize events where we would bring art materials such as easels, canvases, paper, paint, brushes, crayons, etc... and install them in the parks for the public to use. In the end, it became a public installation and/or public outdoor gallery that combined performance, installation, interaction, storytelling, exhibition, and in-situ work. Art ici is now known as Fruit Salade, and although I have no current connection to it, it's still active and I want to say that I enjoyed the process of organizing the events and being a part of it.

I was often in charge of documenting the events and taking care of the Instagram page, and overall we all took care of organizing the events equally, sometimes swapping roles so as not to create a hierarchy.

We received a grant from CALQ in 2020.

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