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Mme. Blue is a Haitian-French multidisciplinary artist known for her musical experimentation. 
Drawing inspiration from her daily experiences, she delves into themes of love, loss, growth, 
and hope, reflecting her life as a visual artist. With a passion for exploring emotions through 
sound and silence, Mme. Blue also enjoys experimenting with instruments, time, and space. Her 
creative process thrives on improvisation, resulting in a unique musical journey. Over the past 
five years, she has honed her skills in composition, production, mixing, and mastering. With two 
singles released since 2021, Mme. Blue is eagerly anticipating the launch of her upcoming 
album "Blue Reminds Me Of You" by the end of 2023.

Stay connected for more updates and melodic revelations.  Thank You for the support! 

Blue Reminds Me Of You album cover.jpg


Blue Reminds Me of you - 2023

My first complete album "Blue Reminds Me Of  You" is available on all platforms.

Released november 28th !!


Come On! - July 2022

This is my most recently released single in July 2022. 

This song is available on all platforms.

Stay tuned for an upcoming music video release. 

Click the button below. Go listen as you please!

Come On.jpg
The Blue Lune's Glow Music Video.jpg


The Blue Lune's Glow (Music Video) -2022

This is my first music video for "The Blue Lune's Glow" which I released on May 6th, 2022. It was shot throughout the midst of COVID-19. Like the song, the video is inspired by finding peace and self-love through solitude.

Click on the link below for the full video.


The Blue Lune's Glow - 2021

This song was my very first single and the start of my officially released exploration of music and of my music career. The song itself is meant to be listened to while walking under the moonlight. It is "An ode to a night under the moonlight, where what seemed to be an ending was actually a beginning... a sudden dance of a moment with time". The song is completely instrumental. It's available on all platforms since August 11th, 2021.

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